Saturday, August 22, 2009

Park City

Okay, so it was about last weekend but i should probably post it im procrastinating to much. Last weekend we went to Park City for school clothes...It was so much fun!!
We got there on friday and checked in and walked around the stores by our hotel. The next day we went shopping and i got some way cute school clothes. Then later went on the alpine slide. It was so fun it was my first time on it. That night we went to the old texas reds for dinner and then swimming at the hotel. We went home the next day but i had lots of fun with Megan, Kade, Dad, Pam and Matt. Thanks for everything dad and pam! I had lots of fun!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Im Back!

Well my fellow bloggers, Im back. I never really went anywhere, but it has been a long while since i blogged. So at one in the morning my insomnia decided i should write. Hmmm, not much is going on. Im done with my junior year of high school!! Senoir year here i come!!! Wow, i never thought i would see the day, it all happened so fast. Now that i think about it i sure wish i would have done a lot of things differently. Still i think im where i want to be. Im graduating, class of 2010!! Just a year of school before that happens. I will be the second of my siblings to graduate high school, although i hope i can be half the people my brother and sister are. They may not have graduated but they made a life for themselves and i just hope i can do that much. Well me and cody are doing really well :) like amazingly well. Im the happiest i have ever been even though i may be loosing a friend over it. I mean i love megan with all my heart but does that mean that i should put her over the man i love? Ah i know im young but im pretty sure i know when i love a person. And megan sure isnt helping...well i dunno maybe some advice from my lovely sisters would help :) I love you guys!! ill blog soon!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prom, Part two

Well tonight was prom. Yes, this will be the second one. I went to Spanish Fork prom with Kale. My dress was Lindseys that she wore to Rachels wedding. It was pink and i added a black bow. Thank you so much for letting me ware it linds, you saved my life. It was so much fun! Our group was Bryce, Carson, Kale, and Dick. Their dates were Paige, Nicole, Me, and oh, i forgot her name. Ha ha this was the first time i had ever met them. They were all really cool though. We went to promanade, and me having a boy name and Kale having a well, unisex name the stupid guy got our names mixed up. Ha ha so i was escorting Kale. After that we took forever getting pictures which made us late for our reservations at Tocono's. Which wasnt bad cause i dont like mexican food. Anyway we called about a million restraunts finally Outback said they took reservations. Thank goodness. We went there and then on to Thanksgiving Point for the dance. It was so fun i finally warmed up to everyone and we had lots of fun. After that we went back to Bryce's and watched Death Race before kale had to take me home. It was one of the best nights of my life. Thanks for the great night Kale!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

To Write Love On Her Arms

This is an amazing program watch the video and spread the love.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prom '09

Prom...where do i start? Well i went with Cody, of course. Maybe the best story is how i got my dress. We will start there. It was true love when i saw it, then i saw that it came in black. I knew this was the dress. I waited to long to get it though, i went to provo on monday. They were out, so we went all the way up to orem. I got in there and sad day, the dress was no where to be found. The lady asked if she could help and i asked about the dress. She said they had one size seven on hold. The girl was supposed to go get her mom and bring her back to see it. They decided to let me try it on, how cruel of them. It fit perfectly. I didn't want to take it off, until the lady came up and said if i had the money it was mine. I picked out my shoes and went to get rung up, when she walked in. The lady that had the dress on hold walks in the store. Luckily the girl was on my side and i got the dress!! It was an amazing night, until cody decided to fight with me like he always does. I dont know why i put up with him, but oh well. It was fun.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This past weekend Megan, Kade, and me all went up to Gooding to see my mommy. We went up friday and came back on sunday. I miss her so much! She is a funny lady. We didn't do a whole lot while we were up there but we will be going up soon with all the Bots that will be lots of fun. Let me just tell you about Gooding for a little bit, it looks like a twon straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It so creepy, when we were there for thanksgiving me and Megan got bored and went for a drive. Well i had to pee so we stopped at RIdleys, the grocery store, and went inside. One of the kids that worked there was watching us the whole way in, we asked him where the bathroom was and he said through the big brown doors up the stairs and i would see it. When walking through the doors Megan stopped and said it was a trap, so i went up the stairs into the creepy bathroom by myself. When coming back to the front the kid came up and said "Oh there you are, I thought you guys DIED up there."!! We ran out the door and couldn't ge the stubborn car started, i heard the seat creek and screamed at the top of my lungs. It was crazy but i cant wait to go up with my friends and see my mommy. I love you Ma!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


K guys, last night for my birthday present i got extensions so here are some pictures of best friend Whitney did them and she is amamzing at what she does! Thanks whit!!